Tuesday, January 12, 2010


Weight: 203.4
Fat %: 29.6%
Lean Weight: 143.2
Fat Weight: 60.2

skipped breakfast
salmon with tomato basil vinagrette (homemade) & mediterranean pasta salad
ritz crackers & cheese
beef chili with chips and sour cream
2 pieces pizza
1 beer

yikes again


Weight: 203.8
Fat %: 27.9%
Lean Weight: 146.9
Fat Weight: 56.9

ChikFilE chicken biscuit for breakfast
beef burrito w/ chips & salsa
ChikFilE chicken sandwich
leftover Swedish meatballs
Ritz crackers & cheese
2 beers
1/4 Dominos pizza

*sigh, bad day


Weight: 202.4
Fat %: 27.2%
Lean Weight: 147.3
Fat Weight: 55.1

Swedish Meatballs
Ritz crackers and cheese
lots of veggies with hummus
leftover beer
leftover pigs & blankets
leftover pretzels

Sunday, January 10, 2010


Weight: 201.6
Fat %: 27.6%
Lean Weight: 146.0
Fat Weight: 55.6

bowl of cereal with banana
salmon w/ tomato basil vinagrette

the following:
Swedish Meatballs
Pigs & Blankets
Mediterranean Chicken
Mediterranean Pasta Salad
Ritz crackers and cheese
Miller Lite Chill w/ Lime (mmmm refreshing)
veggies with hummus


Friday, January 8, 2010


Weight: 199.2
Fat %: 27.3%
Lean Weight: 144.8
Fat Weight: 54.4

bowl of Cheerios with banana, milk, and oj
leftover Thai food from Wednesday night (with some extra rice added in)
unsweetened iced tea, with a little bit of lemonade for flavor
glass of Blue Moon beer
bowl of pho tai
bowl of cookie dough ice cream
rest of leftover shrimp & broccoli


Weight: 199.4
Fat %: 28.0%
Lean Weight: 143.6
Fat Weight: 55.8

bowl of Cheerios with banana, milk, & oj
bowl of pho tai (vietnamese noodle soup)
shrimp, broccoli, fried green beans (ate ~3/4, saved the rest)
3/4 piece of cheesecake
went to movies ... and no popcorn!

Wednesday, January 6, 2010


Weight: 199.0
Fat %: 30%
Lean Weight: 139.3
Fat Weight: 59.7

bowl of cheerios with banana & oj
(small) piece of Jacky's birthday cake
lunch portion of macaroni & cheese and frozen fish fillet (the last one, finally)
spicy basil Thai chicken with rice (saved about half)


Fat %:
Lean Weight:
Fat Weight:

bowl of Cheerios with banana & orange juice
lunch portion of mac & cheese with frozen fish fillet
lunch portion of mac & cheese with frozen fish fillet
2 carrots
vodka soda with cranberry

Monday, January 4, 2010


Weight: 200.6
Fat %: 29.5%
Lean Weight: 141.4
Fat Weight: 59.2

Cheerios with milk and half a banana
orange juice
macaroni & cheese with a frozen fish fillet (lunch portion)
a carrot
a chocolate chip cookie (a coworker made it!)
macaroni & cheese with a frozen fish fillet (lunch portion, but for dinner)

Sunday, January 3, 2010


Weight: 202.6
Fat %: 28.5%
Lean Weight: 144.9
Fat Weight: 57.7

bowl of cereal with half a banana
orange juice
3 eggs
dinner sized portion of pork & saurkraut w/ mashed potatoes (for lunch)
lunch sized portion of mac & cheese w/ frozen fish fillet (I'm trying to get rid of them)

500 calories on bike
3 mile walk

Saturday, January 2, 2010


Weight: 203.4
Fat %: 29.7%
Lean Weight: 143.0
Fat Weight: 60.4

medium bowl of cheerios
leftover pork and saurkraut (a lunch sized portion)
package of saltines w/ butter (~500 calories, again yikes, but at least they're gone now)
2 packages easy mac (~450 calories)

3 mile walk
115 calories on bike